Welcome to the CRTC, the first Computer Refurbishment and Training Center providing a sustainable, integrated approach to meeting the technology, training and ICT(Information and Communication Technology) capacity building needs of Ethiopia. The CRTC provides a sustainable solution to the shortage of affordable computers through the provision of high quality, pre-used computers to support the delivery and development of health and community services, schools and education and rural extension services throughout Ethiopia. With a focus on knowledge sharing and capacity building,the CRTC also provides hands-on, practical ICT training to Ethiopian Governmental employee ICT professionals to fill technical skills , helping to support staff of their Organization. The CRTC is government owned, non-profit making organization.




Major international corporations need a solution for the disposal of high-quality, pre-used ICT equipment as part of their asset management/refresh programs.The CRTC can offer a unique, mutually beneficial partnership for ICT donors, offering a sustainable solution in exchange for high quality donations...... Read more




The Computer Refurbishment and Training Centre - Ethiopia (CRTC) aims to build sustainable ICT (Information & Communication Technology) capacity for education, health and community services throughout Ethiopia. Through the preparation and deployment of affordable ICT equipment, CRTC works towards bridging the digital divide, whilst ensuring the equipment is deployed in an ethical, sustainable and environmentally sound manner.......... Read more



The main objective of the CRTC is with a focus on knowledge sharing and capacity building, the CRTC is a learning organization, providing hands-on practical ICT training to help and shape the ICT support staff of the future. The CRTC provides different trainings in ICT fields. The training comprising practical sessions and classroom training. The center provides currently providing advanced computer Maintenance, Office Machine Maintenance, Fundamental of Networking and Server 2008 Administration. The CRTC also aims to explore a new ways of providing training in a more efficient way by emerging external provision of teaching and assessing possibilities of e-learning......... Read more




At its inception the DMF has started its operation as a pilot using very few mal-functional computer systems imported from abroad in 2010. It has become fully operational in Mid February 2012 by disassembling/demanufacturing/dismantling different computer systems collected from mainly government organizations located in Addis Ababa and its surroundings and very few Addis Based non-governmental organizations like World Food Program, World Bank, African Development Bank to mention a few. The objective of the DMF is 1) to manage environmentally unsafe disposal of e-waste streams in the country. 2) to manage environmentally appropriate/friendly materials from e-waste, 3) to create green jobs, 4) to support recycling efforts by dismantling and segregating e-waste fractions from end-of-life IT equipments and accessories, 5) to conserve virgin minerals in the environment by increasing the supply of recyclables to the downstream recyclers as input. And that, of course, paves the road to minimize pressure on the environment and public health by reducing and making use of piled up e-o-l e-waste stream, pollution, and dependence on virgin materials. Read more

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